Of Time and the Pizza Baking

When I started performing, I noticed that I played too fast; because of the adrenalin, I guess. So I learned to take tempos that felt somewhat slow; and after a bit of experience, the concert recordings would confirm that my tempos were what I wanted.

Something surprising happened after a few years, though. In my junior year of college, I played “Pictures at an Exhibition,” and it felt slow to just the right degree. But when I listened to the tape, I found that it was slow. Without my realizing it, my perception of tempo had become accurate!

I still felt performance adrenalin, but its effect on my tempo perception was gone. Since then, my judgment has continued to be reliable.

I do notice, however, that my consciousness still expands in performance. At some point each time, while playing, I’m also imagining a discussion of what toppings should be on the after-concert pizza.


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