Iced Coffee and Fantasies

Our fingers press keys down to play notes; and without realizing it, we may be imagining pulling the fingers up to end the notes, as though the fingers were glued to the keys. But we needn’t lift the fingers; the keys will do that for us. All we need do is stop holding them down.

Play a note and hold the key down, then slide your finger off the front of the key, and notice how the key comes up on its own.

Again play a note and hold the key down; then—don’t lift or slide the finger—just stop actively holding it down. Notice that the up-force of the key lifts the finger.

In other words, just let go! A daily minute or two on this with single notes and chords in hands separate and together will add to your repertoire of finger techniques.

Copyright © James Boyk 2013. All rights reserved.
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