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22nd Century Conservatory

INTEGRATING mind & heart, science & art, intention & performance, technique & musicality, town & gown, rich & poor, culture high & popular. MUSICKING a town: Making music at home and in homeless shelters, in prisons and legislatures, outdoors and indoors, in schools and theaters, classrooms and labs, on the Web and on the air. […]

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From the Curmudgeon’s glossary of piano technique: Half-pedal: An advanced effect in piano playing. Fictitious. Used to intimidate students and feed performers’ narcissism.

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The Piano As a Tool

Why is it not fussiness or affectation for a pianist to try to assure that he or she has the finest piano in the finest condition for each performance? Because the piano is, with regard to the performance, simply a tool. If the tool is faulty

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