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Out of Tune Piano Blues

Mystery Novel

A puzzle that only a musician could solve; a mystery that only a musician could write. Join concert pianist Arthur Singer, 30, in his 18th season on tour. Experience with him, not a routine college visit, but a panoply of characters old and young, an electric romance sparked by music, and a tragic death.

Acclaimed pianist-author JAMES BOYK inducts the reader into music’s mysteries: the performer’s mind during a concert; the heart of the teacher-student relationship; and how the soul of the artist, cradled by music, may be torn asunder by the tensions of a career.

For lovers of music and mystery, for those fascinated by the complexities of human characters and the intricacies of detective stories, this book offers a unique blend, in language precise, unexpected and transparent, and with music penetrating the entire fabric of the story.


To Hear Ourselves as Others Hear Us

For musicians of all instruments and ages, it is a guide to using recording as a tool in practicing, teaching and preparing for performance. Following Boyk’s tested wisdom, musicians will hear themselves more objectively, work more efficiently, and play more expressively.

It is also an easy-to-understand guide to microphones and other recording gear, with specific equipment recommendations, all from a recognized expert. (Boyk is a recording engineer/producer, and founded the Music Lab at California Institute of Technology.)

Finally, the book’s many amusing anecdotes and poetic reflections make it a reading delight.

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